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Medical Intuitive Assessments, Ascension Tools, Transformational Life Coaching

Medical Intuitive Assessment, intuitive massage Fort McMurray, Angel Readings, Ascension Tools Alberta

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Medical Intuitive Assessment

Mini Intuitive Assessment

Full Assessment - $350

Mini MI Assessment - $100

Your Medical Intuitive assessment discusses your mind/body relationship, the locations in the body where energetic congestion is located, what the possible causes may be and gives recommendations to help clear the energetic congestion and set you on the path toward healing.  You will receive a written report by email discussing the results. You may choose the option of a follow up consultation to fully understand the  results and recommendations from the assessment. Includes followup Skype/phone conversation to review written report.
​​Made for those who just want the highlights of what is happening in their body!
This session is performed on anyone anywhere in the world through Skype or telephone.
Duration is 30 minutes of intense information.

Ascension Tools

Guided Visualizations, Divine Ray Healings,  Angel Readings

DNA Program & Chakra Readings

Divine Ray Healings

Guided Visualizations - $49

Experiential Guided Visualizations - $49

The DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings is truly a wonderful way to effectively work with our 3D issues, judgments and negative beliefs as we embrace our full range of emotions and experience the 5D templates, affirmations, and guided visualizations taking us ever deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

The reading will be done by Phone/Skype, with a follow up MP3 recording sent to you by email.

The Divine Ray Healing is a guided visualization using the divine rays of light, affirmations, and visualizations to assist us in the ascension process.
Working consciously with the energies of the Divine Rays of Creation can greatly enhance the ascension process, helping us to accept our multi-dimensionality and to perceive and hold ever more powerful levels of light comfortably. The Divine Ray Healings will  stimulate our ascension process. 
The healing session will be done by Phone/Skype, with a follow up MP3 recording sent to you by email.

Angel Readings

Consultation - $129

Angel Readings can offer general guidance regarding a certain area of your life. These readings are particularly useful when experiencing a transition in life in either your relationship, home or career.

Your Angels can reveal things about you that are from emotional experiences past traumas, and how they are affecting your current life. They can offer powerful guidance, as they see our entire path, where we only see a small piece of it. They can assist us in navigating our path for our highest good.

This is a live reading by Phone or Skype.  You will be contacted within 48 hours to confirm an appointment.

Transformational Services

Nutrition, Fitness Coaching, Hypnotherapy

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Transformational Life Coaching

Coaching sessions - $149

This is a valuable approach to health and wellness for individuals who are proactive in understanding their mind/body relationship and strive to improve their overall well being without having to experience illness.
Coaching can range from nutritional or fitness counselling to working with underlying mental/emotional reasons for imbalance. or working with self image.
During this consultation, we will look at nutritional, fitness, and mind/body considerations for a whole body approach to your health and wellness. 
This is a one hour consultation, additional time will be prorated.